Acknowledgements & Dedication

A good portion of my primary and secondary source research for this book was completed at the University of Victoria’s McPherson Library in the William C. Mearns Centre for Learning.

Otherwise, a number of early articles about Bruce Cockburn were sent to me by Bob Ryan of New Jersey, in the form of old print copies of Gavin’s Woodpile, Daniel Keebler’s longstanding Bruce Cockburn newsletter. I have also drawn extensively on the article and interview fragments archived at The Cockburn Project website, which is edited by New York’s Suzanne Demuth Myers. Thanks as well to Barry Wright, who granted me permission to reference his 2006 memoir on Bruce Cockburn.

Rob Crosby-Shearer, youth minister at St. Philip’s Anglican Church in Victoria and the former Director of Community Formation at The Jeremiah Project in Toronto, also provided me with a collection of articles about and reviews of Bruce Cockburn authored primarily by Dr. Brian J. Walsh, whose pioneering theological studies of Cockburn’s work first suggested to me the potential for serious Bruce scholarship.

Throughout my book I allow Bruce to speak for himself wherever and whenever possible, paraphrasing or quoting directly from interviews he has given over the past forty plus years.

Last, but not least, I wish to thank those friends and members of my community who offered support and encouragement during the writing of the book. Chief among them would be Dr. John McLaren, Emeritus Professor of Law at the University of Victoria. Deep thanks are also extended to Janice Morgante. I especially wish to thank my wife, Noppawan Anne Kaewmongkol, who had the grace to allow me the space and solitude in which to create.

This book is dedicated to the memory of my mother, Elizabeth Anne McCurdy.


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